CV Beatrice Keleriene

CV Beatrice 2014 . .pdf
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2014 Kyoto governor’s Award . The 48 Women’s Ceramic competition in Japan ( Kyoto city Museum)

2014 The 6th International Small-Form Ceramics Symposium “Navigation" in Ventspils (Latvia)

2014 Honorable Mention. International ceramic festival MINO

International Ceramic Symposium in Estonia 2014 (June 29th ~ July 20th)

Photos for presentation in Estonia

International Ceramic festival MINO 2014

Modern Ceramics for Tea Ceremony in Toki 2014. (12th ~20th of April) in Ceratopia Toki

Lithuanian RAKU tea bowl ( 12.5 w x 9.5 h )
Lithuanian RAKU tea bowl ( 12.5 w x 9.5 h )

Exhibition in Tokyo 2014 April



Flower in the deep sea ( Kyoto City Museum 2012)

Sleeping Volcano( Kyoto City Musium 2010)

Forest of ART in Yokotani 2013

Anagma firing

Ceramics for tea party

Works in Cuba (2010)

Works in Dominican Republic (2005~2007)